Franz Bakery

If you're craving some cupcakes in Portland, OR 97266, then you've come to the right place!

About Franz Bakery

Looking for a cupcake shop or bakery near you? Well, the search is over at Franz Bakery, which is known for being an outstanding place in Portland, OR for varieties of cupcakes. They offer multiple cupcakes of diverse flavors & textures and other cuisines.

In comparison to other cupcake shops or bakeries in Oregon, Franz Bakery is inexpensive. Visit your nearest Franz Bakery at 11540 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97266, for a new go-to, unforgettably delicious cupcake experience or order online.

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11540 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97266
Call (503) 761-2412
Regular Hours
Monday - Friday
Payment Method
all major credit cards
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Q: Where is Franz Bakery located?

A: Franz Bakery is located at 11540 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97266.

Q: What time does the Franz Bakery open and close?

A: Regular hours for the Franz Bakery are:

Monday - Friday

Q: What is the phone number for Franz Bakery?

A: The phone number for Franz Bakery is (503) 761-2412.

Q: How to contact Franz Bakery?

A: You can contact Franz Bakery at (503) 761-2412 and their website.

Q: What are the payment methods accepted on Franz Bakery?

A: The Franz Bakery accepts the following payment types: all major credit cards.

Q: What is the zip code for Franz Bakery?

A: The zip code for Franz Bakery is 97266.

Q: What is the zip code for 11540 SE Foster Rd?

A: The Zip Code for 11540 SE Foster Rd is 97266.